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A company is based on two significant aspects, Management, and improvisation. These both aspects are interlinked and lead to other elements that can affect the economy of the company. To handle and process these aspects smoothly, you should have a Lean Six Sigma approach.

This approach is one of the best certifications that help in managing various challenging aspects at the same time. Lean Six Sigma is an amazing approach that can help your organization a lot in improving its performance. Let us know more about this certification.

LSS Indiana-West Lafayette IN

Understanding Lean Six Sigma approach

Lean Six Sigma is an approach that helps you improve the administration of the company. Lean Six Sigma helps you regularly reducing waste and decreasing variation in production processes. Moreover, it provides you a framework for the betterment of your career and company.

It comprises two different strategies similar in some ideas and tools, Lean and Six Sigma. Let us know more about them.


Lean is the methodology that helps you manage waste that is non-value-adding to the company. Waste here is referred to the steps, inventory, transportation, materials that are unnecessary and are not really required. This helps in reducing the production costs and time that eventually help in the growth of the company.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma helps in variation and process management. This approach helps you know about the defects, mistakes, and the cause of variation in the products. The errors and defects that Lean spots, Six Sigma helps to get rid of them. This strategy helps in maintaining the production of the company.

Levels of certification

This certification is divided into different levels based on the experience of the individual. This certification is not that easy to attain professional training is the one thing that can help, and you can consult Lean Six Sigma Experts in West Lafayette; We are professional trainers and consultants that can help you understand these certifications completely and easily.

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt- the yellow belt is the basic belt and provides you the knowledge about the Lean Six Sigma approach. This helps you gain some experience and provide an advantage in getting better jobs than others get.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt- This belt is for more experienced and the one with better understanding and knowledge. Green Belt is one of the basic and most achieved by individuals.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt- Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is for the most experienced and knowledgeable individual with a lot of previous practice and experience. A black belt is the third and most difficult level to achieve
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