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Lean Six Sigma is a new trend that is aiding companies and educational institutions to improve their processes. If you are looking for a methodology that will bring better effects to your firm, you can look for Lean Six Sigma.

If you want to get certified in Lean Six Sigma belts, you need to pass an exam. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana can help you in getting your exam cleared. We also provide excellent consultancy services. One should make time and invest in things that will bring about the betterment of the organization.

Even the individuals who are new are also greatly benefitted from it. If you are concerned about how you will manage this for your firm, we want to be relaxed. It’s because, in Indiana, we have guided and brought practical benefits for many firms. And we can help you with the same as well.

This article shall help to know more about Lean Six Sigma consulting services and some frequently asked questions.

LSS Indiana - Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

To better the business process, two different methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma, are amalgamated to form Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a management approach. The application of Lean Six Sigma enhances quality and efficiency when implemented correctly.

Lean Six Sigma consulting provides a well-defined structures approach to resolve any organizational problems, thereby improving the organization’s holistic performance. Six Sigma is a complex set of tools and practices that involve improving the system by eliminating defects.

A defect can be any product that has failed or any process or service that has not successfully met the customer’s demands. Since Motorola first introduced it in the manufacturing department, no industry has remained untouched by Six Sigma’s benefits.

Lean methodology focuses on efficiency, speed, and elimination of waste from the processes. Six Sigma emphasizes the effectiveness and means by which the organizational errors can be removed. Together, Lean and Six Sigma offer a toolkit and a systemic approach for the organizations and help the employees learn problem-solving skills.

A culture is established at the firm that focuses on using the best methods to achieve their targets and meeting the customer demands. There are different Lean Six Sigma levels, such as green belt, yellow belt, black belt, and master black belt.

The employees at different levels in the management of the organization can prefer it according to their qualifications. If you want just the basic knowledge or information about the Lean Six Sigma principles, you can opt for a yellow belt. However, you won’t be able to lead teams or large projects.

With a green belt, you’ll be able to lead small teams and manage small projects on your own. And with a black belt, you’ll be able to manage large teams and projects on your own. And, the Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana will help you with all of the above belts.

LSS Indiana - Lean Six Sigma Training

Common questions and answers regarding Lean Six Sigma certification and training.

Answer: The Lean Six Sigma training and consultation course are designed for managers of all organization levels. All those individuals who will play a major role in transforming firm processes in an efficient manner should prefer this course. Generally, the Lean Six Sigma certification course is taken by:

  • The managers who wish to streamline the processes which will result in elevated customer experience.
  • The individuals are responsible for the development of better processes that ensure better results.
  • The person is responsible for the transformation of processes which will include defect detection to defect prevention.
  • The employees responsible for standardizing projects to prevent the challenges arising in the organization
  • The employees will lead in increasing the benefits and profits of the organization.

Answer: There are eight different forms of waste:

  • Overproduction
  • Underused talent
  • Defects
  • Extra processing
  • Waiting
  • Motion
  • Transportation
  • Inventory

Answer: The tools used in the Lean methodology are:

  • Kaizen (Continuous improvement)
  • Value stream mapping
  • 5S system
  • Kanban
  • Mistake proofing (POKA-YOKE)
  • Productive maintenance
  • Set up time reduction
  • Reduce lot sizes
  • Line balancing
  • Schedule leveling
  • Standardized work
  • Visual management

The tools used in Six Sigma methodology are:

  • Recognize
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Standardize
  • Integrate

Answer: The DMADV is a methodology utilized in Six Sigma. It is also known as DFSS (Design for Six Sigma). It contains five phases:

  • Define: It designs the goals that are consistent with customer demands and the enterprise strategy.
  • Measure: it involves the identification of characteristics that are critical to quality (CTQ), measures the capability of the products, production process capability, and measures the risks.
  • Analyze: To develop and design alternatives
  • Design: It is an improved alternative that will work according to the observations in the analysis step.
  • Verify: it involves checking the design and production process and handing it over to the production process owners.

Why should you choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana for Lean Six Sigma Services?

We have been consistent in providing reliable service in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Our main aim is to align with the purpose of the customer’s need. We wish to help you develop employees in the client’s organization.

We provide guidance in the work processes, which will help in achieving their goal and fulfillment of other purposes. While doing so, we will help the organizations create a balance between the processes and people, leading to harmony and efficiency. 

We will aid in deploying the organizations’ values and beliefs into their work and processes, which will then become an indispensable part of the organization’s daily work. In this way, a culture can be created which focuses on the customer.

A quality-oriented industry will be formed, leading to the formation of sustainable business results. For individuals also, we have special courses that will enhance their career and make future jobs secure.

There is no time to waste. Contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana now and book your meeting with us. We will provide you with the best services!

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