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Nowadays, the customer is very specific and demanding when it comes to the quality of products they need. So, to cope up with the increasing public demand and huge competition in the market, you need to make efficient strategies. And this is where Lean Sigma plays its part.

Lean Six Sigma is a well-established methodology that will improve the processes of your firm. It consists of efficient tools and the development of skills. You’ll be able to identify the harm-causing regions and make a way out to improve them.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana is a consulting, training, and guiding organization. We help business organizations and educational institutions to attain benefits from Lean Six Sigma. If you want to know more about the services provided by Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana and some frequently asked questions, read along.

LSS Indiana Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma Certification

The Lean Six Sigma certification is a great opportunity for individuals and companies to lead projects and learn process mapping, risk management, and a unique skill set to interpret the data correctly. Lean Six Sigma certification has proven to be extremely effective for logistics, technology, service, and manufacturing.

Lean Six Sigma is a unique strategy that focuses on statistical analysis rather than guesswork. Certifications attained after proper dedicated courses can help individuals and organizations to improve the processes mitigating unknown factors.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana offers certification courses in two different modes:

  • Live online classes
  • Instructor-led classroom teaching

The programs will ensure that you learn from well-versed black belt holders who possess multi-industry exposure and extensive project knowledge.

What are the different belts or levels of Lean Six Sigma certifications?

The belts within Lean Six Sigma are as follows:

  • Master Black belts (MBB): The individuals who possess master black belts are experts in Six Sigma methodology and statistical tools. The master black belts provide Lean Six Sigma guidance and technical leadership for a specific organization’s specific function or department. The job of the master black belts also includes training, coaching, and mentoring black belts.
  • Black belts (BB): They are whole-time professionals who are the ones leading the Lean Six Sigma projects. They are mainly responsible for providing coaching and training to Lean Six Sigma green belt professionals.
  • Green Belt (GB): They mainly have a functional role. They are leaders who perform excellent operations within the system. They work under the guidance of black belt professionals. They have management roles.
  • Yellow belt (YB): They have the basic knowledge about Lean Six Sigma. They are beginners in this world. It is a nice platform for starting the Lean Six Sigma journey.
LSS Indiana - Lean Six Sigma Training
Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Lean Six Sigma. Many people have different thoughts and believe in myths. Let’s bust those myths below.

Answer: No, Lean Six Sigma is at the cutting edge. They are influential in improving results and gain excellent opportunities in the time to come. So, its entirely worth investing time and money in Lean Six Sigma and training.

Answer: the main reasons for getting a certification are:

  • Become an improvement expert. You can become a valuable asset and can assist in impactful and meaningful projects. It helps in delivering positive results and thus increases the value of the customer.
  • Increase job opportunities. Lean Six Sigma has a great role in giving a competitive advantage over peers. It is a recognized asset to add to your resume. You will also improve the problem solving and leadership skills.
  • Worldwide recognition. Lean Six Sigma certification involves tools and methods that have achieved proven results for organizations around the world in all the different types of businesses and firms.

Answer: The standard exam is a comprehensive exam. The official Lean Six sigma green belt certification is 100 questions.

Answer: The course led by the instructor at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana is about 28 hours. Along with that, before the exam has been attempted, you can have 15 days of online exams and mock tests. This will enable you to prepare fully for your exam.

Answer: It is not hard to achieve if you have reliable and right people like Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana on your side. The entire process of certification is complex and requires expert supervision. It will be hard if you are doing it on your own, but things will be made easy and better when we are there to guide you.

How can Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana help you with the certification process regarding Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana have been providing services regarding Lean Six Sigma for a long time. You can expect the following from us:

  • A unique experience in integrating Six Sigma with other certifications, such as TQM, quality awards.
  • Proper integration of Six Sigma with the knowledge management system of the organization. It ensures that the concepts are spreading and initial gains achieved by the implementation of Lean Six Sigma are not frittered away with time.
  • Effective facilitation for completion of Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • An adaptable approach is followed to suit the type and size of the business.
  • We reply in a quick and fast manner to the client’s needs. We ensure that the clients’ call is responded to within 24 hours.
  • Competitive prices with full surety of tangible gains.
  • A fully expert team of master black belts and black belts widespread in the region.
  • All the trainers have huge experience time in providing their services in training about Lean Six Sigma.

In a nutshell, we have everything you need to get certified and enjoy the benefits of Lean Six Sigma. So, grab this chance to learn from the best experts here. Call us now!

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