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Lean Six Sigma Experts of Indiana is a well-known company in the Lean Six Sigma industry. Our professionals help companies and individuals in unleashing the benefits of Lean Six Sigma. And, we can help you too. So, connect with us now and enjoy the benefits.

LSS Indiana-Marion County IN

What is Lean Six Sigma & is it worth the investment?

LSS is a complex set of tools and principles meant for process improvement. It helps companies remove waste and reduce variations in the products they manufacture and individuals in scaling their careers.

Lean Sigma can help in producing better products that are suited for customers. This brings in more customers and improves the retention rate. And thus, you can improve your overall revenue. For individuals, the Lean Six Sigma certifications act as proof of their excellence and knowledge to their employers. This will help you achieve better salary packages.

So, investing money and time in LSS is completely worth it both for individuals and for companies. Now, let’s learn about the services we offer.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Companies that want to eliminate the waste processes and want to improve their product consistency need to implement Lean Six Sigma principles. But, due to its complex nature of the principles, Lean Six Sigma consulting becomes necessary. And this is why we’re here.

We’re a full-service Lean Six Sigma consulting company with world-class trainers and consultants to help you out. Our consultants will help you understand the true nature of LSS and implement the principles in the best possible way.

It will help you eliminate waste and reduce variation, which will help improve productivity. So, if you need assistance from the experts, reach out to us now!

Lean Six Sigma Training 

Individuals who want to push their career a few steps ahead of their competitors need Lean Six Sigma certifications/belts like green, yellow and black belts. Such belts can significantly boost your career. But there’s an exam for every belt you want to get certified for, which requires vigorous training.

And we’ll help you with that. Our company features top trainers who follow unique methods to deliver training sessions both online and offline. So, whether you’re in Marion County or anywhere else, we can help you out. Here are the certifications or belts we’ll help you with: 

LSS Yellow Belt: You can opt for this belt if you need basic information about LSS and its principles. This belt is easy to achieve but still requires training. Once you’re certified, you can work as a valuable member of the team and can assist green and black belt professionals.

LSS Green Belt: You can go for this belt if you seek intermediate info on LSS and its principles. It will help you lead small projects and teams on your own. However, you’ll still work under the black belt professionals.

LSS Black Belt: It is for you if you want to become an expert on LSS principles. You can independently lead large teams and projects. Also, you’ll have yellow and green belts working under you.

LSS Indiana - Lean Six Sigma Training

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